Private Consultation

Behavior Consultations
We begin with a 90-minute consultation to evaluate your dog, your circumstances, and the dog’s environment to determine the cause of the unwanted behavior. Within 2 business days of our consultation, you will receive a complete written report that includes the behavior diagnosis and an explanation of what will be necessary to improve the behavior. Then, we schedule one-hour training sessions that are specifically designed to address these issues in a progressive manner.

Dog Training Sessions
Private, in-home, one-hour sessions focus on giving you guidance, management plans, and behavior modification training skills. We walk through practice training exercises that you will do daily with your dog. These exercises are generally very short (just seconds or minutes), while the frequency and progression will depend on the problem. You will also receive handouts detailing our plan for your dog at each session. The number of in-home training sessions differs for each dog, depending on the severity of the problems. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals for your dog as quickly and effectively as possible.