Dog Behavioral Consulting and Training

Our Mission
Our professional and personal mission is to help you to fully enjoy the fun and companionship that your dog can offer and vice versa. We give you the knowledge and tools that you need to understand your dog, and to help your “nice dog” to become a Wonderful Dog. The fact is, most behavior issues can be resolved with guidance, management and training. We provide these services to help you address specific problems, using gentle techniques based on the science of canine behavior.

Training Philosophy and Methods
“Dogs are wonderful creatures and great companions that deserve our kindness and respect. Too often, traditional training techniques are physically harsh and can crush a dogs’ spirit, or even result in defensive aggression. Modern trainers, like myself, have turned to the science of animal behavior to find the most effective and humane technique known: Positive Reinforcement training. It builds your dog’s confidence and trust, resulting in a dog that enjoys learning and behaving well. In line with this positive philosophy, we use treats, toys, play, petting and praise to motivate and reward your dog. Corrections are mild, such as ignoring the dog, taking away the reward, or putting the dog in a time-out. The result is improved behavior because the dog is confident, motivated, and does not fear punishment for trying and failing to “do the right thing.” I hope that someday, all training for our companions is positive and humane. It’s what they deserve. Furthermore, it’s what works!”

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